Your Duke awaits . . .

Open a historical romance and from the first sentence the writer aims to transport you to another era. A time of grace and elegance in which candles sputter, fans flick, silver gleams, and aristocratic noses are held high. The ballroom awaits, as does the promise of romance and a satisfying happily ever after. In the historical romance, the first sentence,… Read more →

The Rosie Project dissected…

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion Sometimes books come to you from others. Books you may not have thought to buy, or maybe haven’t even crossed your radar. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion is one of those books for me. This book was a gift to me in more ways than one. I am a romance author and as… Read more →

   	                                      Running Into . . . Or Away From . . . Trouble

Running Into . . . Or Away From . . . Trouble

I like an opening that throws me into the action and won’t let me stop reading. Angelfall ( Penryn & The End of Days #1) by Susan Ee did that and so much more. All in about two hundred words.   Ironically, since the attacks, the sunsets have been glorious. Outside our condo window, the sky flames like a bruised… Read more →


Happy New Year! Before I start into my review, I wanted to mention a special event that took place in the lives of the Pen Warriors this month. As some of you may know, we came together as a group in 2001 and we’ve been meeting on a quarterly basis ever since. What you may not know is that this… Read more →


First up. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! I hope all the readers of the Pen Warriors’ books and blog have a safe, healthy, and very festive season. To help that along, here’s some Yule advice: Drink what you enjoy, eat what you like, and hug who you love.   But before we drown ourselves in eggnog, it’s time to talk book openings… Read more →

     A Good Opening Primes the Palate

A Good Opening Primes the Palate

 Nikki’s Perfume Journal Entry SCENT OF HOURS November 22, 1978 Definition: Chypres Chypres is a highly original group that is based on contrasts between bergamot-type top notes and mossy base notes. Chypres perfumes tend to be strong, spicy, and powdery.  This perfume group was named after the famous perfume from Cyprus of Roman Times. *****           … Read more →