A New Year, A Fresh Start

2013I always enjoy the early weeks of the New Year. The frenetic days of Christmas are behind us; the mad whirl of shopping, planning, wrapping and entertaining done for another year. The overindulgence at holiday brunches, cocktail parties and dessert buffets has given way to healthier eating and the enthusiasm with which we wrote out our list of resolutions hasn’t begun to wane.

Never mind that the credit card bills will soon start rolling in or that the black pants that fit perfectly in mid-November suddenly don’t feel so comfortable anymore. As we hang up our 2013 calendars and gaze at the blank months ahead, we are filled with optimism; confident that we will go to the gym and work off those extra pounds. Or that we’ll learn that new language, master that new instrument, or go after that exciting new job. Or maybe we’ll just try to be more patient, more organized, more disciplined or more forgiving than we were the year before.

In many ways, starting a New Year is like starting a new book. The old book has been written, revised, edited and put to bed, the title and cover finalized, and the pre-launch promotion begun. Now, finally, you have a blank canvas in front of you again, with all those empty pages just waiting to be filled. You can let yourself dwell on the tantalizing idea that kept flashing like a shiny new penny when you were trying to finish your old book. The idea you couldn’t let yourself think about when you were buried so deep in revisions, you needed a lamp and a canary just to find your way out! Now the old book, like the old year, is done, and it’s time to start over.

The Pen Warriors began the New Year with a fresh new look for the blog site and some fun ideas for future musings. We hope you’ll keep tuning in and letting us know what you think. And I’m starting off on a new foot too….with a brand new website! Yes, it was definitely time for a do over, and to celebrate, I’ll be holding a draw at the end of the month for a free copy of my October book, NO OCCUPATION FOR A LADY, just for stopping by and saying hello at http://www.gailwhitiker.com/

The coming year will no doubt be one of ongoing changes in the publishing industry; more break out novels and indie success stories, more mergers and closings, more triumphs and disappointments. And, like everyone else, the Pen Warriors will be watching; happy to offer our own unique perspectives on this crazy business.

Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda!

Watch for NO ROLE FOR A GENTLEMAN, coming from Mills & Boon, July 2013

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  1. Laura Tobias
    Laura Tobias at | | Reply

    Congratulations on the new site, Gail. It’s elegant and beautiful, so reflective of you!

    I’ve never thought of the New Year being like a new book, but you’re right. The potential is there for a great year, and the old year is history. While I love the holidays and all the decorations and deliciousness that goes along with it, I also love the fresh start of January.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Gail Whitiker
      Gail Whitiker at | | Reply

      Thank you, Laura! You’ve quite put me to the blush (can you tell I just watched an episode of Downton Abbey? .) As for 2013, hopefully it will be a book we *don’t* want to tear pages out of!

  2. Bonnie Edwards
    Bonnie Edwards at | | Reply

    Gail, congrats on the lovely new site. January 1 always has the feel of an empty page…just waiting for a wonderful story to unfold.

    Of course, some years it’s more like a horror story, but that’s a whole other topic!


    1. Gail Whitiker
      Gail Whitiker at | | Reply

      So true, Bonnie (the horror story!) But hopefully 2013 will be a good year for everyone!

  3. Rachel
    Rachel at | | Reply

    Gail, I love your new site! It’s beautiful!

    Pen Warriors looks great too – wonderful graphic!

    1. Gail Whitiker
      Gail Whitiker at | | Reply

      Lovely to hear from you, Rachel, and thanks for the positive feedback on both sites! It feels good to have something fresh and new to work with!

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