EC Sheedy

EC Sheedy writes romantic suspense, because she loves writing weird and nasty villains. She lives on Vancouver Island in the moody, green, and rain-washed Pacific Northwest. When she's seriously story challenged (too often in her opinion) she often walks the beach and communes with the stunning and multi-talented Mother Nature. (Make that begs for inspiration!) If that doesn’t work, a few minutes thinking about the quirks and foibles of human nature usually does. She loves reading, writing, her twin granddaughters, her Ridgeback, Zuke--and most of all her first and last husband, Tim. You can follow EC on Twitter, if that's something you tend to do. @EC_Sheedy Or you can check out her website and titles

Your Duke awaits . . .

Open a historical romance and from the first sentence the writer aims to transport you to another era. A time of grace and elegance in which candles sputter, fans flick, silver gleams, and aristocratic noses are held high. The ballroom awaits, as does the promise of romance and a satisfying happily ever after. In the historical romance, the first sentence,… Read more →


First up. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! I hope all the readers of the Pen Warriors’ books and blog have a safe, healthy, and very festive season. To help that along, here’s some Yule advice: Drink what you enjoy, eat what you like, and hug who you love.   But before we drown ourselves in eggnog, it’s time to talk book openings… Read more →



There hasn’t been a Pen Warrior here in a while. No excuses. We just decided to ease up on the blogging. But we’re back, and we’re back with a mission. During our last retreat we talked about what most authors who are actively self-publishing talk about, how to get our work discovered. Translation: How to find readers. Because—and here’s the… Read more →

Top Eleven Places To Get Ideas.

Top Eleven Places To Get Ideas.

I don’t think there’s a writer—anywhere—who hasn’t been asked where they get their ideas. The five of us here on the Pen Warrior blog are not exceptions. The funny thing is, until recently, we’d never asked each other this question. So during our last writers’ retreat we did ask and came up with our own top eleven places we find… Read more →

Writers in search of a plan...

Writers in search of a plan…

The Pen Warriors have been getting together every three months for a two day retreat at the Red Door for over ten years now. These retreats are important to us; we eat (rather well because of our resident foodie, Laura Tobias), we brainstorm plots, dream up book titles, work on craft issues, critique, discuss the various genres, and test out… Read more →

Book covers--not for the artistically challenged

Book covers–not for the artistically challenged

Coming up with cover art for a new book—or redoing a cover for an old one—is intimidating. It’s lots of fun, gives a nice break from words, words, words for a time. It even makes you feel a bit deified, being able to control not only the story but the image your story presents to the e-world. Control. It’s addictive…. Read more →



  I went to see The Master a couple of days ago, a movie I was very much looking forward to. The lead actors alone were enough to pull me into the theater: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams. All that fabulous talent sharing the screen, what could go wrong? Apparently nothing, because The Master has achieved a good… Read more →

Writers' Museums. Yes!

Writers’ Museums. Yes!

There’s something to be said for writers as museum pieces. There are quite a few of us who should be flash frozen, sprayed with a hardening glaze, and set on a shelf—our  pencils still and petrified in our hand. (Oh wait, that’s me on a Monday.) Although, thank the writing gods and goddesses, that wasn’t the purpose of The Writers’… Read more →