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Release News!

Release News!

I am very pleased to announce that my erotically-charged novella, Body Work is now available  on Amazon. Body Work’s original print edition was released in the launch anthology of the Kensington Books Aphrodisia imprint, in December 2005. As I worked on Body Work to prepare it for this release, I fell in love with these characters again: Lisa Brady Delaney and Tyce Branton… Read more →

Another Red Door, and plans to take a break

Another Red Door, and plans to take a break

  Last weekend the Pen Warriors met at the Red Door for our weekend quarterly retreat. Amazingly, this is our 44th Red Door retreat! Amazing that we’ve had the special treasure of two days of discussing all things every 3 months for over eleven years! After an evening meal of Laura’s amazing beef bourguignon we planned the weekend, caught up on our… Read more →


Recently, my dh suggested a quick getaway and given my writing schedule, we found that we had to leave PDQ or miss our chance. So, off we went on a road trip to Vegas. Yes, Las Vegas, Nevada…a drive through mountains, valleys, snow-filled passes and finally desert terrain. All of it beautiful! I developed a fondness for road trips when… Read more →

Best writing gifts ever - hold the $$$ and dish those stories!

Best writing gifts ever – hold the $$$ and dish those stories!

In this last post before Christmas, 2012, the PenWarriors would like to reflect on the some of the best writing gifts we’ve ever received. Gail Whitiker: Believe it or not, my first laptop. I’d been doing all of my writing on a desktop computer but when my parents moved to the West Coast, I started flying out a few times… Read more → Bonnie Edwards

ENGAGEMENT…by Bonnie Edwards

The verb engage means to involve someone or to become involved… As in: engage in conversation, engage in flirtation or even to engage in battle. Recently my fella and I ran away to Europe for several weeks for the first time. Having never been before, we got lots of tips from experienced travelers. One of those tips was to sit… Read more →