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Life is Like a Box of Chocolates - and Other Metaphors

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates – and Other Metaphors

No, this is not a post about how beneficial chocolate is for the writer’s soul. I think everybody knows that, and personally, I tend to indulge on a fairly regular basis. But back in February, one of our readers asked if someone could do a post on the differences between analogy, allegory and metaphor, and I thought starting off with an… Read more →

Valentine's Day. Pressure? You Bet!

Valentine’s Day. Pressure? You Bet!

 It’s almost here! The day that makes brave men tremble, single men sweat, and anxious fathers even more anxious. Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day…the one day of the year the world decks itself out in hearts and flowers and celebrates love in all its many weird and wonderful forms. Being a romance author, I thought I’d share a few… Read more →

It Happens at Midnight - a Pen Warriors Anthology

It Happens at Midnight – a Pen Warriors Anthology

A few years ago, at one of  Pen Warriors’ Red Door retreats, we decided to challenge ourselves by writing a serial novel. I forget which one of us– No, delete that. The author gets to play God, and I’m telling this tale, so I’ll pretend I remember exactly how this unfolded. The goal of the serial novel was to have fun… Read more →

Book Covers: The Great Unknown

Book Covers: The Great Unknown

I’m going to start with a bit of shameless promotion (because if I don’t, my fellow Pen Warriors are going to shake their heads and give up on me entirely!) by  telling you that BRUSHED BY SCANDAL, my latest Regency, is now available from Mills & Boon Historicals. This is a sequel to my January book, COURTING MISS VALLOIS, and brings… Read more →

The Worried Writer

The Worried Writer

There are very few things I’m willing to stand up and say I do better than anyone else, but I have to admit, there is one thing at which I excel. Worrying.  Over the course of my life, I have earned a Masters degree in worrying. It has caused me more sleepless nights and wasted days than you can shake… Read more →