Pen Warrios Bonnie Edwards

ENGAGEMENT…by Bonnie Edwards

The verb engage means to involve someone or to become involved… As in: engage in conversation, engage in flirtation or even to engage in battle. Recently my fella and I ran away to Europe for several weeks for the first time. Having never been before, we got lots of tips from experienced travelers. One of those tips was to sit… Read more →

It Happens at Midnight - a Pen Warriors Anthology

It Happens at Midnight – a Pen Warriors Anthology

A few years ago, at one of  Pen Warriors’ Red Door retreats, we decided to challenge ourselves by writing a serial novel. I forget which one of us– No, delete that. The author gets to play God, and I’m telling this tale, so I’ll pretend I remember exactly how this unfolded. The goal of the serial novel was to have fun… Read more →