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We the Pen Warriors have not posted here in a good long time. So I thought we might give this another shot with my newest release, Diamond at Heart

A cold case…
A hot ex-boss…
And a stalker…
They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Tawny James is about to find out how wrong that old saying is…


Diamond at Heart is now available. It released as an Amazon Exclusive on Tuesday, October 2.

I don’t often post samples here, but since this has some romantic suspense elements, I thought readers may want to see the tone I bring to this story.

Today, Seattle WA

The phone call Stack Hamilton never expected to get came at four forty p.m. on Saturday. Tawny James. Hallelujah.

He tried like hell to keep up with what she said, but images of Tawny flashed into his mind. He saw her legs, breasts, incredible hips, all smooth and lush with those dimples just below the small of her back where her ass filled out her bikini bottom.

Which was exactly what she expected would happen. Which was why she’d quit working for him in the first place.

He pulled his head back from where it wanted to go and shoved it back into the conversation. Something she said raised every one of his protective instincts. She was in danger and he’d been doing the teenage fantasy thing about her body. He was such a shit. And she knew it. “A stalker?” he asked. “You’re sure?”

“Some creep’s just gone through my laundry at the Wash ‘n’ Suds, Stack. What would you call it if it isn’t stalking?”

“Sick? Perverted?” Stalking, why hadn’t he thought of that? This guy was probably another ex-boss who lo—wanted to get her into bed.

“Me, too, except this is the last straw. This guy’s been in my house.”

“What? When?” And the all-important question, “Where?” He jotted her address, but he memorized it as she spoke. Each syllable stood emblazoned in his skull.

“I’ll come get you,” he said, “and bring you here. If he’s watching, he’ll see you’ve reached out for help.”

“Once he gets a load of your size that may be enough to make him back off.” She chuckled, low and breathless in that husky way she had that made him think of her….(in here is where I want to keep it PG)—pull it back, Stack. Now.

This weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada! Which to me makes more sense than only being a month from Christmas like our neighbours to the south. We have far more time to gear up for the next big holiday. So for my Canadian friends and readers…enjoy the turkey, the stuffing, the friends and family and safe travels! 


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Bonnie Edwards has written romances for Kensington Books, Harlequin Blaze and Carina Press. Check her website for the most up-to-date news, sample chapters and to subscribe to her newsletter. http://www.bonnieedwards.com/

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    When a Pen Warriors post popped up in mailbox, Bonnie, I thought I’d seen a ghost! 🙂

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