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“Writing fiction is a perfect life choice for someone like Vanessa Grant who can’t make up her mind what she wants to do when she grows up!” There are so many choices and I want to do them all. In real life I’ve taken a lot of roads: I’ve studied psychology, volunteered on a crisis line and as a peer counselor for a family life organization, worked as an accountant and a software developer, taught accounting and fraud investigation at a university, and best of all–told stories about life, love, and secrets. In my stories, my heroes and heroines have lived many of the lives I’m fascinated by. I live with my wonderful husband and two energetic Australian Shepherds on Vancouver Island … and every so often we indulge in wanderlust and leave the island to go exploring.

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  1. EC Sheedy
    EC Sheedy at | | Reply

    Okay, so I know which of the 11 wishes came from me, but I’m not sure who wrote some of the other ones. But they’re all good. (Especially that poop bag one!) 🙂

    Here’s another wish to add to the list: May each and every person on this increasingly crowded earth experience at least one moment of pure personal joy in 2013. That’s not too much to ask of the universe, is it?

    And lastly, to everyone who’s visited our blog in 2012 and to the other 6,973,738,400 people on this earth–don’t you just love Google!– who probably didn’t, here’s wishes for a HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR.

    See you in 2013

  2. Bonnie Edwards
    Bonnie Edwards at | | Reply

    Since I am a regular blood donor who nags online for others to join her every other month…yes, the zombies are mine. Because we all know they’re coming and we need to prepare…blood wise, of course.

    Also, I firmly believe that we need our organ donation system to change to opt out from the current opt in system. People shouldn’t die waiting…

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