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Bonnie Edwards has written romances for Kensington Books, Harlequin Blaze and Carina Press. Check her website for the most up-to-date news, sample chapters and to subscribe to her newsletter.

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  1. Laura Tobias
    Laura Tobias at | | Reply

    I’m about to crack the spine on ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bone’ a contemporary YA by new-to-me author Laini Taylor. It’s supposed to be a stunning read. But your mention of historical has me thinking of Julia London. Last year I really enjoyed two of her contemporaries – ‘A Light at Winter’s End’ and ‘One Season of Sunshine’ but now I’m thinking of her latest historical release out this month called ‘The Revenge of Lord Eberlin.’ It looks like my TBR pile will be getting a little higher.

  2. Bonnie Edwards
    Bonnie Edwards at | | Reply

    Isn’t it wonderful to find new authors and then discover they have a cupboard full of books you’ve missed? It’s like a rainbow that ends in a pot of gold.

  3. Honey A Hutson
    Honey A Hutson at | | Reply

    Christopher Allen Poe recently released his first book “The Portal.” It was a good read from beginning to finish. Looking forward to more from him. I love finding new writers I enjoy.

    1. Bonnie Edwards
      Bonnie Edwards at | | Reply

      Honey…you haven’t described what type of book it is? Historical? or something else? I’m curious why you liked it so much?

      What was it about the story or the writing that appealed so much?

  4. Gail Whitiker
    Gail Whitiker at | | Reply

    My most recent pleasurable find was “A Discovery of Witches”, by Deborah Harkness. Fabulous read! Unfortunately, this was the first in a trilogy, so I have to wait until July to get my hands on the second. Also along the urban fantasy line, Robert J. Wiersema, Victoria BC author of “Bedtime Story” and “Before I Wake”. On the historical front, Meridith Duran, Joanna Bourne, Julia Ross, and of course, my old fave, Mary Jo Putney.

    1. Bonnie Edwards
      Bonnie Edwards at | | Reply

      Gail, is A Discovery of Witches a paranormal as the title implies?

      I’m not sure that urban fantasy is my cup of tea, but I’d like to hear more about Wiersema.

      I’ve just completed my first Meredith Duran and really enjoyed it! She has a lovely lilting voice and took my breath away in some places.

      1. Gail Whitiker
        Gail Whitiker at | | Reply

        Yes, Bonnie, it is, though it’s set in modern day Oxford University. It’s about witches, vampires, and daemons–but Ms Harkness has given them all a slightly different twist! I remember EC saying she didn’t like vampires until she read J.R. Ward. This might just tempt you over to urban fantasy!

        As to Wiersema, I just finished his short story, THE WORLD MORE FULL OF WEEPING. The man tells a powerful story!

    2. Vanessa Grant
      Vanessa Grant at | | Reply

      Yes! Yes! Yes! to a Discovery of Witches. I read it when it was first released and loved it. I’m also waiting for the next book in July. Guess I should re-read “Discovery…” first to refresh my memory on the story and characters.

      I love rereading really really good books.

  5. Margaret Mallory
    Margaret Mallory at | | Reply

    Thank you, Bonnie!! It’s flattering to have another author say such nice things about my books. (Just FYI, THE SINNER is out–it’s the 3rd book, THE WARRIOR, that will be out in Nov.)

    I’ll have to check out your other recommended reads. Thanks again! 🙂


  6. nightsmusic
    nightsmusic at | | Reply

    Oh, Bonnie. I’ve had this tab open since you posted, but I worked so many hours this week, it was all I could do to drag my sorry arse home and go to bed.

    I have a huge pile of TBRs and I keep trying to get to it, but lately, I haven’t much ambition for it. So I re-read my keepers and try to write and in the meantime, listen to that TBR pile whispering to me.

    But you’ve given me some new authors to look up and that’s exciting!

  7. Bonnie Edwards
    Bonnie Edwards at | | Reply

    NM, I hear you, loud and clear. One of the reasons I’m reading older releases is because for a number of years, I told myself the whispers from my TBR would shut up.

    It wasn’t until I was forced to decide what moves with me and what doesn’t, did I see that I was missing out.

    I re-read favourites too. We all do!

    I suppose my torn rotator cuff (from back to back to back deadlines) was actually a good thing, because I was forced to ease up on the writing hours. Reading is much easier on that shoulder!

    Take care my friend!

  8. Vanessa Grant
    Vanessa Grant at | | Reply

    I really enjoyed this post, Bonnie, and now I’ve got some new-to-me authors to check out 🙂

    One of the most wonderful things about ebooks is the “free sample” feature on most books. I find that I am much more willing to try a new author when I can read the first couple of chapters before I commit to purchasing.

    One of my recent samples was Ian Hamilton’s “The Water Rat of Wanchai” – the first in a relatively new mystery series about a Chinese Canadian forensic accountant who retrieves money for fraud victims, with the support of a mysterious Chinese partner. I loved “The Water Rat…” from the first page, and am now reading the third in this series. The drawback? I’ll have to wait for #4 in the series.

    I love finding new authors!


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