Northern_HeatRecently, my dh suggested a quick getaway and given my writing schedule, we found that we had to leave PDQ or miss our chance. So, off we went on a road trip to Vegas. Yes, Las Vegas, Nevada…a drive through mountains, valleys, snow-filled passes and finally desert terrain. All of it beautiful! I developed a fondness for road trips when my parents took me along on several when I was a kid. Picnics by the roadside are still on our favourite list of things to do while we “make time” on the road. The wonderful thing about long car trips is my musing time. The monotony helps my mind open to scenes I have yet to write, in books that are far, far down the road from today. (although it would be cool to channel that openness toward something more imminent, it doesn’t work that way, not for me)

While I was away Northern Heat was released February 14…for Valentine’s Day. This is a really cool anthology of Canadian romance authors. This link is for an interview with USAToday with Opal Carew, our award-winning writer and editor for this anthology. Cool stuff, eh?

This is a print only anthology, available in Canadian bookstores! I hope the anthology introduces you to new authors you enjoy! You can order it here:   from Chapters/Indigo.


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Bonnie Edwards has written romances for Kensington Books, Harlequin Blaze and Carina Press. Check her website for the most up-to-date news, sample chapters and to subscribe to her newsletter.

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  1. nightsmusic
    nightsmusic at | | Reply

    ROADTRIP!!! 🙂

    Aren’t they fun? And what did you do in Vegas? Do tell, it doesn’t always have to stay there 😉

    I tend to listen to books on tape when I’m on a long road trip but then again, I’m usually alone, so they keep me company. When I’m with the DH, then I’ll keep a notebook handy but every time I go to write something down, he talks.

    The audio books are usually better…

    Congrats on the release! How awesome (and yes, I know that’s such an overused word but it applies here) I’ll get my hands on a copy. I must.

    1. Bonnie Edwards
      Bonnie Edwards at | | Reply

      Hey NM. Thanks again for stopping by and for your unending enthusiasm for my stuttering career! LOL… no need to dig around for a copy of this book just for my story. It’s already available online through Amazon: The title is: The Stone Heart…a paranormal short story you may have already read.

      However, your enjoyment of road trips is encouraging. I’m working now on 4 brothers on a quest across Canada … cursed brothers. You may enjoy it because I’m having fun writing it!

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