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EC Sheedy writes romantic suspense, because she loves writing weird and nasty villains. She lives on Vancouver Island in the moody, green, and rain-washed Pacific Northwest. When she's seriously story challenged (too often in her opinion) she often walks the beach and communes with the stunning and multi-talented Mother Nature. (Make that begs for inspiration!) If that doesn’t work, a few minutes thinking about the quirks and foibles of human nature usually does. She loves reading, writing, her twin granddaughters, her Ridgeback, Zuke--and most of all her first and last husband, Tim. You can follow EC on Twitter, if that's something you tend to do. @EC_Sheedy Or you can check out her website and titles

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  1. Bonnie Edwards
    Bonnie Edwards at | | Reply

    These are wonderful blurbs, EC and I agree that power words matter. What they are, and recognizing them for your own book blurbs is tough.

    I’ve always been impressed with the blurbs my publishing houses have given my books and I’ve tried (I don’t know how successfully) to use similar tones for the stories I’ve published myself.

    But in the face of these blurbs I wonder if I shouldn’t revisit the ones I have up on Amazon to see if I could give them more punch.

    Thanks for a thought-provoking blog. (You realize, of course, that I’ll be picking your brain for those power words…)

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