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EC Sheedy writes romantic suspense, because she loves writing weird and nasty villains. She lives on Vancouver Island in the moody, green, and rain-washed Pacific Northwest. When she's seriously story challenged (too often in her opinion) she often walks the beach and communes with the stunning and multi-talented Mother Nature. (Make that begs for inspiration!) If that doesn’t work, a few minutes thinking about the quirks and foibles of human nature usually does. She loves reading, writing, her twin granddaughters, her Ridgeback, Zuke--and most of all her first and last husband, Tim. You can follow EC on Twitter, if that's something you tend to do. @EC_Sheedy Or you can check out her website and titles

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  1. Gail Whitiker
    Gail Whitiker at | | Reply

    Actually, I’d love to hear how men would respond to this dilemma. We all know women tend to overthink these situations and that most men go for the straightforward solutions. (Of course, those men don’t usually end up as heros in romance novels!!)

    Can’t wait to read this one and see how you make Colin a hero in everyone’s eyes–because I have absolutely no doubts that you will!

    Great post, EC!

  2. Bonnie Edwards
    Bonnie Edwards at | | Reply

    Oh, EC…fretting about heroes and how they’re viewed by every female reader makes for hard work.

    While it’s commendable to be concerned about every woman who’s ever been dumped, (poor Mayne) we can’t fix the grief of real life break ups. All we’re charged with is moving ahead toward a happy ending.

    As far as Colin goes, you’re right that he can’t kick pups, or starve fish…but also he SHOULDN’T be stupid! Staying involved with an unhinged woman counts as stupid to me.

    We would not want to relate to a heroine who gets reeled in by a manipulative ex.

    Nor would we want a hero to string along a desperate woman.

    You’re in a pickle here. I know how I handled things in a previous book, but I’m already thirsty to see how you write your way out of this corner.

    BTW, I’m already enthralled with this hero…and I insist on knowing how long we must all wait before he bursts onto the scene.

  3. Laura Tobias
    Laura Tobias at | | Reply

    I have no solutions, only a greedy need to read what you come up with! Good luck on this. We’re all anxious to read Colin’s story.

  4. Janet Rundquist (@ProfeJMarie)
    Janet Rundquist (@ProfeJMarie) at | | Reply

    I agree with Bonnie. This hero needs to break up with this woman. In other words, with only this snippet, I see that the woman has to be the hero instead. They break up – then comes a situation where they come together again, except more slowly. A do-over. Maybe we find out why Mayne was pushing so hard the first time. Maybe we discover why Colin didn’t want a commitment with anyone, yet.

    Maybe you have something entirely different planned that will work far better than my random musings. 😀

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