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10 Essential SEO Tips for Author Websites

You became an author to share your stories with the world, but getting your books in front of your audience is easier said than done. Fortunately, there are ways you can market yourself and your books, and one essential piece of that puzzle is to ensure...

Welcome to the Diamond Pen program!

You are seeing this post because you are officially a member of our Diamond Pen marketing program! This means that you have access to premium content, case studies, learning materials and other stuff that will make you a knowledgeable, skillful and business-savvy...

How I Built a Highly-Engaging Audience In Just 90 days

Introduction Yes, I did it. And this is certainly not one of these „earn $10.000 in just 30 days“ posts. I'll be very honest with you; if you build communities just to sell things, you are completely on the...

Cheap Bluehost Websites for Authors

Most authors are not aware of what is happening when they search on Google or access Facebook. Everything that we do on the internet is related to websites and web hosting. We will explain the basics of a website that will help you in setting...

Win a FREE Content & SEO Audit for Your Author Website!

It's too good to be true, right? Well, everything is possible with PenWarriors, because we care! :) We'll analyze your contentWe'll do a search engine optimization (SEO) auditWe'll provide basic guidelines to improve your SEO score

Use Book Review Services to get More Reviews

A never-ending concern for independent authors is how to get more book reviews on Amazon. Although some authors can get reviews from their fans, many others rely on outside reviewers like book bloggers, ARC teams, and book review services.

Working with Book Bloggers

Who are Book Bloggers? Very simply, book bloggers are people who love to read and share their love of books with others. Most book bloggers write about books on a regular basis for an audience of dedicated fans. They...

Book Marketing Ideas for Writers and Publishers

Any indie author knows that they must have an author website and develop a relationship with potential readers. Everyone knows about the importance of book reviews, book launches, and business cards as elements in book marketing. Getting a high traffic blog and...

Build an Epic Visual Strategy for Your Author Brand

I've been asking myself while the majority of authors invest money in book covers, but lack investing in visual presentations of their websites, blogs, and social media groups? Covers indeed are essential for your book, but visual presentations of values, represented by your groups or blogs,...

Get More Book Reviews on Amazon: A Quick Guide

It’s been months since you launched your book on Amazon. At first you were excited, but now you notice that sales aren’t what you hoped they’d be. That lonely 4-star rating from your mom’s best friend hasn’t helped much either.