In this world of social media applications, Pinterest is a social media website and mobile app which allows the users to have a visual insight into food, fashion, politics, and other social platforms.

We all know that Pinterest tends to be one of the last social media tools that authors use for their writing purposes. Authors are using Pinterest to store pretty pictures, and dare I say it, even to procrastinate. However, it is essential to know that Pinterest is much more than just a place to find and categorize inspiration photos. It can be a useful inspiration tool for your books, and of course, an excellent promotion tool.

Here are ten reasons that Authors/ Writers should use Pinterest. Let’s check them out:

1. Character visualization

Authors can describe the main characters in their boards, showing the real essence of the story. The clothes of the characters, the colors they wear, and the backgrounds can visually inspire a lot of people to get the book to read. This visual description is necessary for the reader to get attracted to a specific book, which is not possible without putting pins and boards on Pinterest.

For example, Jennifer Niven uses Pinterest to intrigue the followers by giving a peek into one of her main character’s songs playlist. The sharing of a main character’s music interest is also a motivating factor for the followers to buy the book. While another author Leigh Barduga uses the clothes of her main character for her Pinterest boards to arouse curiosity among her followers. The Russian kaftan of the author’s main character was a unique sight and allowed the people to fascinate a lot more about the other characters too.

2. Free content promotion

The authors can offer to upload a few of their content for free on their boards to gain more attention from the followers. The content should be available for download for the readers. The author can promote their work and can also share other in-process work to gauge the response from the readers. An author Katie Ganshert uses graphical illustrations on her boards along with her short stories to conspire more interest in readers. Another author James Patterson made his board a genre-specific and deliberately offered free book previews for the readers that are available for download.

3. Interviews and blog posting

The author can promote his brand by setting up his meetings and interactions with other fellow authors. The photos and video posts of these interviews can enable the author’s followers to feel more close. For example, Hugh Howey has created a specific board of his meetings, book signings, and other social interactions on Pinterest for his followers. In this way, the readers can have a chance of meeting their favorite author through the pins he posts. Another writer, Elizabeth Gilbert, dedicates a separate board for the talks, chats, and interviews she gives to show people how she is excelling through her work.

4. Organic Reach

As we know that there are more than 20 social media platforms, and each one of them offers unique and attractive benefits when it comes to booking marketing for authors.

These free platforms provide an excellent opportunity to build a connection with your readers, find out what they are interested in. Sharing life experiences and celebrate successes with other people is quite amazing.

However, it is crucial to know that organic posts on social media platforms are now reaching only a tiny portion of followers. Authors have to pay to display ads for their work to targeted members of the audience.

On the other hand, when someone goes onto Pinterest, they are actively searching for specific information regarding topics or problems or to be inspired by new ideas. Furthermore, Pinterest will provide effective search results in the form of images and pins attached to virtual pinboards.

5.     Reading Groups

Pinterest also encourages reading by sharing your recommended reads; those books you enjoy reading. People who like your taste in translation will also enjoy your books. However, it is essential to keep in mind that when pinners repin a pin, a pop-up box encourages them to follow another board. Moreover, the more you pin and repin, the more chance you have of growing more followers.

6.     Gain Inspiration

Authors could use Pinterest to find inspiration for your novel. It is fascinating to see pictures of people that resemble your characters and pin them to a secret board. In this way, you can only the person who can view them.

It allows you to describe the character’s appearance and makes them ‘come to life’ for you. However, the same goes for settings for the book. Just imagine writing a description of a derelict barn on a stormy night, you will find plenty of images on Pinterest for inspiration.

7. Discoverability

It is essential to know that Pinterest is not a social media platform, but it is a search engine. Its users are very different from other internet platforms because they are not only there to chat and share photos, but they are there to be inspired and buy products.

Pinterest is also a visual discovery tool for an audience who is looking for information. When you type a search query into Pinterest, you can get multiple suggestions regarding your niche and interest.

Although the pin is visual, so each pin will be a direct link to your blog or book page. Moreover, you can also pin a copy of the book cover of your latest release with a link that takes the user directly to the selling page.

Pinterest is beneficial to market directly to your ideal readers, who are actively looking for you and your work.

8.     Show Potential Readers Some Sneak Peeks

When your book is published, you can show your fans and readers these pins. Now it’s up to you that either you show by making the secret group a public board or by repining the pins into another board.

 It’s good news that enthusiastic readers of your novel would love to see more insight into the work behind the book.

Abby Green, an Irish author of romantic fiction, has several inspiration boards on her Pinterest account. Moreover, Lisa Wingate also uses Pinterest to inform readers about the historical background of her invention, along with showing them artifacts and dresses that would have been worn by people at that time.

9.     To Sell Your Book

Pinterest is a visual tool that is used to catalogue the pictures into different mood or inspiration boards. The best thing for those selling online is that every pin carries a link to its source. If you have pinned the front cover of your book from where it can be purchased online, it will always take that link.

It allows people all over the world to click that link and purchase your book. Furthermore, Pinterest works best when you use it with your target market’s wants in mind.

10. It easily interlinks with other platforms

It is fascinating for the authors that Pinterest also stands out for being easy to interconnect with other social networking platforms. This platform emphasizes the use of keywords and hashtags. Although it is not suitable for search engine ranking also makes content easily visible to other platforms. You can easily link them with other social media platforms.

Tips for creating a Pinterest account for Authors/ Writer:

Create your business account on Pinterest

An author is supposed to sell his or her books, and you want to do marketing for your books on Pinterest, so start with your business account. The Pinterest account should be a business one for the author, not a personal one. The business account requires the author to create his individual or unique boards and then add pins. One board can have similar and linking pins to describe a specific thing from the author’s side.

An attractive profile for the author

An author should have an appealing profile that can optimize your brand for the followers. First,  all the information you are providing should be accurate and do not fake about anything on your profile. The essential things that should be kept in mind for gaining more followers through your author profile are:

The display picture

high resolution and clear headshot photos are most appropriate for setting up on the pattern for your business account. The photo should be from a recent past. You can add fun pictures too to look cool.

Display name

Use your pen name or author name. Keep the name more uncomplicated and keep it consistent. Do not change your display name after time. Changing your name now and then can make you look some fraud too.


As this is for setting up a business account for you, do mention a complete and actual address of the place where you reside. The exact address of your residence is an essential step for shipment purposes too.

Bio information

In the bio section, there are 160 words margin for you to write things about yourself, what you do,  what your work is all about. It can include relevant keywords from your boards to have more attention from followers.

work on your boards

If you write books on specific genres, then you must create your boards on those particular genres. The pins within a particular board can be inter-linking with each other and profoundly describe the style of the board. Like, an author is a romantic story writer, and most of his works are on romantic stories, then he can create a committee under the keyword of “Romantic stories” and his pins there.


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