About us

PenWarriors is a special community designed for authors and publishers who are looking to build and improve their brands and, ultimately, sell more books. As marketing professionals, we can definitely say that book marketing can be a challenging adventure. The competition is insane and standing out depends on many elements. PenWarriors was created to get for you all those elements in the right place!

How does it work?
PenWarriors uses creative social media strategies to bring your books in front of many eyes. We run several types of social media events, both in authors’ and readers’ clubs. Different social media platforms require different strategies, so our content is unique on every platform we use. Our members enjoy the benefits of our social accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. At the moment we have 300.000+ followers combined!

We also utilize an advanced search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge to bring more visitors to our blog and author websites. Readers still prefer to search for new reads through Google, so our job is to help you rank your websites as high as possible.

Are PenWarriors services free?
Some of our services are totally free, while advanced book marketing services are available through the PenWarriors Elite Marketing package that covers all author monthly marketing needs towards steady brand growth.

We still offer plenty of free resources, such as ebooks, the newsletter features free access to our frequent book-buying events on social media. You can enjoy the benefits of it by applying for your free PenWarriors account.

What can you expect from PenWarriors services?
PenWarriors has been founded by a seasoned search engine optimization (SEO) expert and marketing consultant, whose passion was accepted by several experienced marketers, copywriters and brand managers. Our team is well-balanced, creative and knowledgeable, which can bring you a decisive edge in building your author career.