Any indie author knows that they must have an author website and develop a relationship with potential readers. Everyone knows about the importance of book reviews, book launches, and business cards as elements in book marketing.

Getting a high traffic blog and writing guest posts for them is a great way to improve an author profile and can assist in selling more books.

While all these are necessary, these tasks can take time, and probably you have completed them by now, and you want some new ideas to build momentum on your book promotion.

Here I will give you five book marketing ideas that any writer and publisher can do to get their boom noticed and be successful.

1.    Get book marketing help

You shouldn’t waste a lot of your time trying to do everything by yourself. That can only lead to a disaster. If you wish to see your book succeed, perhaps you should consider getting professional help. You might need a local marketing consultant to learn how best you can market your book.

Most of the time, it might not be possible for first-time authors to get assistance from a full-service marketing company. But there many other options one might choose, like getting an independent consultant.

2.    Be proud to promote your books

One way to start creating awareness about your book is by beginning to tell people about it. You should start telling people about it yourself before considering hiring people to do it for you.

After all, if you won’t plug your book, how do you expect other people to help you promote it and do spread the word for you?

Publishing a book is a massive accomplishment, and it is something you need to be proud of enough to shout from a rooftop. Consider telling your friends and family about it and everyone else, including your work colleagues and people you exercise with at a gym. It might surprise you how much momentum this can get you, especially when done correctly.

Word of mouth has always been one of the best ways to market. We tell our friends, and our friends tell their friends, and it keeps on and on until a lot of people know about it.

3.    Distribute Your Book as Widely as Possible

You should always be making all the efforts to market your book. Consider taking advantage of all the various avenues available. You should get your book to be available in every possible place as this will ensure that every person’s preference is catered for.

For instance, you will find that some people would only want to buy a hardcover. They might want only to get it from bricks and mortar stores. You will also realize that others would only want to buy your books online, but they will automatically accept anything they are comfortable with. Also, regular book reader would only buy a book from a preferred store i.e. book depository. Therefore, if they can’t find your book in their preferred place, you will miss out on the sale.

Make sure that your book in available in all the main places. These include:

•    Amazon

•    Fishpond

•    All bricks and mortar stores

•    Booktopia

•    Book Depository

4.    Make Book Marketing Videos

Use of videos has always proven to be the best marketing mediums. They don’t have to be fancy. A self-help author’s messages and content are all about being real, approachable, and down-to-earth.

Maybe you don’t feel like a fancy and professional video would show this image and you fear that it might be a waste of your money. You will be surprised that even a smartphone camera can turn out to be a great hit.

People will love the authenticity of a video. Sharing a video of you talking might help to give your audience a sense of what you are like as a person. They will get to know you before they can buy your book. You can create multiple videos and share them on your website, social media, YouTube, and other places that your audience will be.

5.    Use social media to promote your book

Most people would be all about social media because it has helped them sell many books. Social media is an excellent way that writers and publishers can start using to get their work out there. You can easily find the exact audience that you are targeting at a low cost.

The only problem with using social media is that when everyone post about every thought and what they took for their dinner, it can be challenging to cut through all the noise and get your book to be seen. You will need to be smart about it.

There are a lot of ways you can do that. Perhaps you can build exposure for your books by supporting an appropriate charity. For instance, you are a self-publishing author, and your book explores people’s blockages and teaches how people can overcome them and be happy. Mental illness has become more prevalent in society, and it’s a topical issue at the moment. You can harness the power that social media has and run a charity campaign to raise some funds for Suicide prevention from your book sales. You can choose a specific period that you will donate all the proceeds from your book’s sales to the charity. When the charity gets on boards and starts to share and retweet your messages, you will begin to get some traction with your new audience.

This method will always work correctly. It doesn’t mean that it’s just for self-publishing authors. You can still align yourself with a charity, influencer, or industry body affiliated with your genre.

Begin Marketing Your Book Now

It can be tough, tiring and sometimes very demotivating when you feel like you are stagnant. You shouldn’t worry because the moment you start getting some traction, you will realize that the hard slog was worth it.

From nothing at all, you can become an international bestseller in many countries, and you can consistently be number 1 for a self-help category in Amazon every month. That’s the power you will have at your fingertips when you apply the above five book marketing strategies.


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