Build Your Facebook Tribe as a Published Author

By now, you’ve probably realized how difficult it is to stand out as an author in today’s ultra-crowded environment. Let’s say you’ve managed to write, edit, and publish a book. It even has a listing on Amazon, and a couple of stellar reviews.

Now for the tough part: figuring out how to connect with people who will want to read your books. This means knowing where to find them, how to engage them, and how to win their loyalty and trust.

Where can you do all of these things? Facebook, of course.

This book will not help you directly sell your books on Facebook. Your audience is on Facebook to socialize, not to buy things. Instead, this book will teach you how to use social media the correct way—to create a community of loyal fans who are excited to interact with others on your Page—and ultimately buy your books. You’ll discover how to:

  1. Perform market research and identify your target demographic
  2. Create an effective Facebook Page and Group
  3. Attract (and keep) followers
  4. Educate and entertain your fans while creating a sense of community with your content
  5. Convert your followers into customers who can’t wait to read your books
  6. And more!

Excellent cookbook for everyone who’s trying to build its online presence on social media, with lots of examples and HOWTOs, DOs and DON’Ts. You don’t need this only if you want to be a published author lost in 20th century. Slaven did a really good job on collecting best practices and his ideas in this “zipped” little book. Great!
Robert Petkovic, Amazon Reviewer

Check out this innovative new book from PenWarrior’s founder Slaven Vujic!


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