10 Reasons Why Authors Should Use Pinterest

In this world of social media applications, Pinterest is a social media website and mobile app which allows the users to have a visual insight into food, fashion, politics, and other social platforms.

How Authors Can Use Twitter Effectively

Writing a book seems like the complicated part of the job for an author. Finding your characters, developing your story, ending it with a boom and even thinking of ways to continue...
Romance books - Romance book-buying Meetup

Romance Book-buying Meetup Scheduled for March 12th

Are you a romance writer looking for free ways to promote your books? Well, we have something for you! Our next book-buying meetup is scheduled for March 12th...

How to Reach Best-Seller Tags on Amazon?

Is this title a great click-bait or what? Joking aside, let me make this simple for you. In case you are looking for a pointy-hat marketing spell, I can tell you right away that there...

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