Romance books - Romance book-buying Meetup

Romance Book-buying Meetup Scheduled for March 12th

Are you a romance writer looking for free ways to promote your books? Well, we have something for you! Our next book-buying meetup is scheduled for March 12th...

10 Reasons Why Authors Should Use Pinterest

In this world of social media applications, Pinterest is a social media website and mobile app which allows the users to have a visual insight into food, fashion, politics, and other social platforms.

How to Reach Best-Seller Tags on Amazon?

Is this title a great click-bait or what? Joking aside, let me make this simple for you. In case you are looking for a pointy-hat marketing spell, I can tell you right away that there...

How Authors Can Use Twitter Effectively

Writing a book seems like the complicated part of the job for an author. Finding your characters, developing your story, ending it with a boom and even thinking of ways to continue...
Author Brand Essentials

Quick Guide to Building Your Brand Identity as an Author

Why is branding business important? Your writing is great. Perhaps even perfect. Your family and friends love reading your work. You have always wanted to write a book, and...

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