Writing a book seems like the complicated part of the job for an author. Finding your characters, developing your story, ending it with a boom and even thinking of ways to continue it throughout more books can take up most of your time (if not all). But do you know what the real struggle is for most authors? Marketing their books!

Writers, especially those who still can’t afford a publicist to do the job for them, or simply authors who want to be involved in every part of the process, need to step up their marketing game. Nowadays there’s plenty of options for audiences to read, and you need to find a way to stay relevant for people and make them want to keep up not only with you, but also with your projects. A great tool to accomplish your author marketing is Twitter. This platform has many advantages if you know how to use it properly. Keep reading to find out how to make use of Twitter effectively in a book marketing campaign.

Make a rich and complete profile

We can’t stress this enough: if you want to be someone on Twitter you need to start by being someone. What does this mean? Nobody is going to either pay attention to you or take you seriously if your profile looks like a fake account made by a bored fan. The first step for a strong author marketing game is to make sure people know who you are and what you’re about. Set up a profile picture where your face is visible, set up a cover that maybe has something to do with your latest book, fill in all of the fields about you: where you’re from, what you do,etc. And don’t forget to write a compelling mini bio, after all writing this should be easy for you, right?

It’s not all about book marketing

This might sound a little confusing since the sole purpose of using Twitter is to do some book marketing (at least for some authors). But you might want to know this before you start your activity on this social platform: people won’t care about you if all you do is promote your work! Twitter is a platform made for interaction of all sorts: discussions, Q&A’s, retweets… It’s only natural that your fans want to learn a bit more from you asides from your work. Talk about your hobbies, your likes, and dislikes, maybe throw in some behind the scenes about your books… Any piece of information your fans might crave should be in your Twitter profile.

Interact with similar authors

A good -and promising- author knows the importance of surrounding themselves with bigger names that can teach you some valuable lessons. The best tip of author marketing is to follow similar writers with a bigger career or at least a bigger number of followers. Not only do you have to follow them, try to interact with them and make subtle hints to your work. This will get the author’s fans to pay attention to you and maybe even visit your profile. This point works wonders because you’ll be reaching out to new audiences that you know are most likely to be interested in your books.

Don’t be afraid to throw some hashtags

Remember that you can enjoy using Twitter to express your opinions and talk about your work, but don’t forget to do some book marketing also. In most social platforms, hashtags are the equivalent of SEO; a way to position your content so that people find it when looking for relevant topics or words. A rich tweet has to include at least a few hashtags that relate to the field you work in and work from the most general to the most specific. Example: #books, #scifi #UFOs. Hashtags will be your best tool when you still don’t have a huge audience and are trying to make yourself visible to others.

Ask your followers for some interaction

The cool thing about Twitter is that it’s a two way street for communication. Just like you can reach out to other accounts or respond to messages, you can receive feedback from your fans, thus expanding your community. Don’t be afraid to ask for interaction that can end up being very interesting for audiences. Create polls to know people’s opinions on your books, ask them about their favorite characters, you can even openly ask them about how they think your current book should end. Getting interaction from fans is a great way to make them feel close to you AND you’ll also get valuable feedback for your next projects.

Reveal details from your books

We don’t say you spoil the ending of your new book, but a great way to do author marketing and make people WANT to follow you is to give them exclusive sneak peeks from your work. You can start from broadcasting the release dates of your new book, giving tiny bits of information on the fate of some of your characters and making a big cover reveal.

Use every inch of your profile to do some marketing

Remember every space in your profile is an opportunity to do book marketing. Instead of filling your feed with tweets announcing your books, which can end up being super boring for your followers, use all of the fields in your profile to do it. The space available for you to provide a link can (and should) go directly to an excerpt of your new book, your Bio can talk about the upcoming dates of your book tour, and the cover of your profile should be a compelling image about your latest work. Make use of every source available to boost your projects!

The last piece of advice we’d like to share with you is to remember Twitter is a platform where content has a very short lifespan. People like to talk only about the latest topic so it’s important to keep your content relevant. Asides from your work remember that people will want to feel connected with you as a person. So if you don’t have Twitter create your account and start following our tips, soon you’ll find yourself with a fair amount of faithful followers who love both your work and your tweets!

Original article: slavenujic.com


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