Just because you wrote a book doesn’t mean that it’s a guarantee that the book would sell. As harsh as that might sound, it’s true. You need to accept the truth before taking any action.

Even if you have a book that could potentially be the greatest book, it won’t be a success if the public doesn’t know about it. This is the reason why you need good book marketing techniques to back it up.

Marketing takes organizing, planning, and consistent action. The good news is that marketing is also about creating connections and relationships. This can be beneficial to you and your fan base. You should realize that launching a book without a marketing plan will lead to very few people reading it. This will affect the success of the current work, and others you intend to publish in the future. So if you want to be the best-selling author, or if you want the book to help you achieve other lifestyle goals, good marketing strategies are essential for your success.

1.    Social media book marketing strategies

When you have a quick overview of the things you can do and effort and time it will take can assist you in making a good marketing plan. Apply these strategies on social media:


•    Engage by replying and liking other people’s comments

•    Use appropriate hashtags

•    Search common hashtags to find an audience

•    Post relatable tweets to boost shares


•    Post photos related to your book’s content

•    Use appropriate hashtags

•    Ask questions in photos so as to increase engagement

•    Engage by replying and liking your reader’s comments

•    Search common hashtags to find an audience


•    Post blog posts supporting your ideas/topic/book

•    Post video content

•    Create a page for your book or yourself

•    Go live to discuss the book or answer questions.

2.    Pre-launch book marketing strategies

The first step in preparing for a book launch and the marketing behind it is to build a street team. This is a team of dedicated group eager to make your book launch a success.

A launch team could be made up of five lifelong friends, email subscribers, big organizations you are connected to, members of the community or anyone interested in what you write. A launch team of about 10-50 people is good for authors with a smaller following. Authors with hundreds of followers can aim for between 100 – 250 members.

When you have made your mind on the people in your street team, you should initiate contact and gauge their level of interest. You should remember that quality trumps quantity. One quality, dedicated member trumps several mediocre ones.

To get the best members, create a questionnaire with questions like;

•    Why are you interested in giving support to my book?

•    When are you available for the commitment?

•    What specialized skills do you have?

•    Who are the influential people you can reach out to?

•    Why would they interested?

When you have found the best street team, record a warm welcome video for the new supporters. Congratulate your team for being chosen and express gratitude for their support. Give your expectations in detail, your mission for writing the book, and why it should be shared to as many people as possible.

Communicate with the team regularly to keep them focused on the tasks, progress and innovate ideas.

Here are some book marketing initiatives that you can assign your team:

•    Submit reviews on Amazon

•    Offer you more marketing ideas

•    Buy additional copies for their friends

•    Record a testimonial for the book

•    Share a review on their YouTube channel

•    Add reviews to Goodreads

•    Share your book’s content snippets across social networks

Remember to utilize talents since they all have different talents and skills, and assign them to work based on their strengths.

3.    Book pricing marketing strategies

The pricing of your book will determine how successful your book would be. When pricing your book, consider:

•    Launching your book for $0.99 when you have a sizable audience, and then increase it to $2.99 or even higher after a week.

•    Utilizing Amazon’s free book promotion feature if you are a first-time author for the book launch

Even though you won’t be paid for offering your book for free, it will be featured on another page belonging to another author, which will instantaneously boost your recognition and exposure. When the free promotion is over, change the book’s price to $0.99 for the next week, and then increase the price by $1 every week until the sales stagnate.

4.    Post-launch book marketing strategies

Any marketing is usually about people and creating connections. Part of book marketing will be figuring out how the book relates to readers and how they will benefit from reading your book. Now that you have launched your book, you need the following strategies:

a)    Build a book website

Many authors think that they don’t need a site since they can promote their books through author platform on Amazon or social media. That’s not true.

Social media and author platform on Amazon doesn’t belong to you and they can close any time. Having your own website on a hosted server is like having a piece of real estate. You have the power to customize your website in any way you want. You can use your website to market your book without limitations. If you don’t have a website, you need to get one.

b)    Build an email list

A list of followers who love your writing will be the first to buy when you have something new to sell. They are essentially your customers. If you want your book marketing efforts to be successful, building a list should be a priority. It might take time to build an email list, but in the long-term, it’s the easiest way to market. Use email management like Aweber or MailChimp to help you in managing your email list.

Start building an email list by adding a reader magnet at the back and front of your book. Get readers hooked on your brand and then keep them there by writing a new book, and include them in your next launch.

c)    Contact influencers

An influencer can have a huge impact on your book marketing efforts through endorsements. An influencer can be a blogger, podcasters, or authors with a strong email list

Reach out to influencers online or set up interviews in your local town and offer to do an interview for you to deliver value to the target audience. You can also guest post blog on a website or blog belonging to an influencer. Exposure to readers in your niche will have a significant influence on your book sales.

d)    Leverage two social media networks

Select two social media networks and publish content regularly. If you want to master one, master it and after that move to another, that is perfect. It is good to do one thing and do it right than to do two things and do them poorly.

e)    Get on bookbub

Consider submitting your book for promotion as for free or $0.99 right after launching it. Bookbub has a significant following and can get your book accessible to thousands of readers. The cost can run anywhere between $200 and $2000 for promotion. This depends on the category, genre, and the book’s price. But it’s worth it.

f)    Podcast and interviews

A podcast or local radio can introduce you to a new audience. This might seem intimidating, but you can do this right with a little preparation. Look to local radio stations, podcast hosts, or local colleges for interview opportunities. Let them know a little about your book and why the book might be interesting to their listeners. Consider including a free sample of the book so that they can see if you are a good fit. You can include a press release that describes your book if have it.

When you go on, present a good story about the book and get their listeners to be excited about reading it.

g)    Book clubs

Consider local book clubs to get new readers. They already like reading books. Find these groups and connect with the readers.

You can attend a meet-and-greet and offer copies of your free signed book. Also, get your book listed on these groups that are dedicated to readers. These can be Facebook groups or other social media groups.

You can also try paid lists like Buck Books. They can reach tens of thousands of book readers.

h)    Write a new book

Publishing another book can be great for brand building. The truth is, it can be very hard to market one book unless it is a masterpiece. Your book can become a great book, but you can make that greatness huge by writing several books. You can consider writing books in a series.


With every published book, you can boost the chances of your work getting recognized by influencers and readers who hang out in different places you target for sharing and promotion. Apply these strategies and boost your book sales.


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