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Editorial Review by Blurbarian

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Our objective Editorial Review services will always provide you with a perfectly accurate, straight – forward report on your manuscript delivered to you by a team of qualified experts. Expect to get a full read – through from the editors who will objectively assess everything that makes your script a great success: from your use of dialogue, structure, style, pace, and plot to characterization and narrative ideas.

Besides our expert editors, whose reports you will receive in full detail, you will also have the opportunity to receive 3 – 5 reviews from our community members.

After receiving your report, you’ll also have the unique opportunity to consult with our editors and send them any additional questions you may have. Our editors will offer suggestions on the best next steps you need to take regarding your script.

Questions such as whether your script is ready for the consideration of literary agents, whether some sections need re-working or does anything needs to be replaced so you can move forward are questions you’ll have 100% answered by our team.


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