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Perhaps you have invested a lot in writing you a great book. You have invested your time and effort in carrying out research and improving your craft with daily targets.

Most authors, once they complete their book, try to find readers and buyers. Sometimes they may get thousands of readers to read their book. However, this rarely happens and doesn’t conform to publishing rules.

Sadly, most of the time the book flops. Recent studies have shown that on average, a self-published author sells about 250 copies their whole life.

Did you know that there is a way you can avoid that? There are no guarantee that you will be the bestseller or your book will be a onetime hit. However, there are tools and things you can do to improve the chances of success.

An effective way is by conducting market research in a proper manner before writing your book. Investing months of time and effort requires you to invest time on research.

Self-publishers know that keywords play a vital role in making their book rank better on Amazon Kindle. That’s you need to ensure that you have the right keywords to market your books. How do you get the right keywords? KDP Rocket might be of great help. In this article, we will talk about the KDP Rocket tool, what it does and how to use it when marketing your next book.

What is the KDP Rocket?

The KDP isn’t just a keyword research tool, but a complete author research tool. KDP Rocket helps authors know if a book is feasible or not. It’s a powerful tool for researching fiction and non-fiction books.

Instead of depending on intuition and guesswork, you will be equipped with data that will assist you in deciding if a given book niche is needed or not.

Writing about what you are passionate about is essential. But finding out the link between what you love writing about and what people will pay for is of greater importance.

Also, getting to know the market, the keywords people use, and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors offer you a unique advantage. Assuming that you have the following information:

•    The ideas and the kind of books people are searching

•    The kind of books performing well

•    The amount of money in the niche that people earn

•    The type of books performing poorly

•    The number of people searching for books in the niche each month

Having this information will help you get ahead of your competitors and take over a large part of the market while earning more money with less effort.

What does KDP Rocket Do?

KDP Rocket helps you know if your book is suitable for the market. It does this in different ways:

1.    Evaluate your competitors

Before writing a book in a given genre or category, you need to know the competitive nature of that market. This information is helpful in giving you a better understanding of what you must do for the book to succeed. It also helps you in knowing if writing in a given genre is worth your time and effort or not.

How do you know if a book market is competitive? When you have a solid idea of what you want to write about, input it in the “competition Analyzer” feature. You just have to type the description of your book and the tool will do its work.

2.  Find a great category for the book

A “Category Search” feature was recently added to the KDP Rocket tool. For one to be the top bestseller, he must find the right category. Avoid choosing categories that are difficult to rank for.

In the past, getting the right category for a book required one to spend hours checking the Amazon search results, calculating sales numbers manually, and writing down categories. This was stressful and time-consuming.

However, with KDP Rocket tool, the process is simplified. All you have to do is go to the “ Category Search” feature and input the descriptive keyword for the book.

KDP Rocket will automatically produce a category lost relating to the book description. You will also get an analysis of the first top books in each category including the number of books you will have to sell to beat them.

When you are ranked on the top 20 list, you get the chance to be listed on the first page of results when people search using that category. This information helps you to know the kind of marketing push you need when launching your book. The information can get you to the top of a category search.

3.    Validate and learn great book ideas

When you have started writing or when having challenges choosing from different ideas, this tool can be of great help. An excellent book idea intertwined in the following.

•    Its difficult to break the market competition

•    The market is sizeable

•    You have an interest in a given topic

If you have the above information, you increase the chances of your book being successful. While KDP Rocket can’t tell if a person is passionate about a given topic, it has the ability to make bestselling book ideas simple. All you have to do is key in the idea in the “ keyword search” feature and the tool will do its work.

The keyword search results offer you the keywords and related keywords that readers use when searching on Amazon. Also, you will have to look for more information like the number of books competing for that keyword, search volume of the keyword, and the average profit generated for that keyword to rank.

Having this information will help you in comparing different book ideas. You will get the best ideas that will help you sell more books.

4.    Write better book descriptions and titles

There are a lot of lousy book titles that will make you wonder if the author thought it through. A good book title must be interesting and connect with the audience. It should tell them what the book entails.

You will also have to add relevant keywords for you to be shown up in the search results. The bestsellers know that keywords play a vital role when people are looking for a book to buy. However, having the right keywords and adding them into the title, book description and subtitle remains a mystery for many.

Using KDP Rocket to pick the keywords to assist in eliminating guesswork. You will choose a keyword to use by basing the judgement on the number of search results and strength of the keyword that appears.

With this tool, you will get the search volume of a given keyword. You will know exactly what is used by most people. Utilizing the competitiveness of every keyword will help you see that KDP Rocket is a tool that will help you make sales.

5.    Find profitable AMS keywords quickly

A KDP rocket tool will help you find over 150 profitable keywords for the AMS book advertising campaign. When you have the keyword, click export and upload to AMS.

That’s all you will need as KDP Rocket takes the suggested Amazon keywords, author names and the titles of the books in the search results. Also, it provides relevant categories that include hot and new books with the category.

When you select “AMS Keyword Search” and key in the keyword, you will get a downloaded keyword list that will be based on:

•    Author suggestions and title for the top categories

•    Author suggestions and title for top keyword results

•    Keywords suggested by Amazon

Differences between KDP Rocket, Kindle Samurai and KDSPY

There are other tools that some authors use. They include Kindle Samurai and KDSPY. Maybe you are wondering which of these tools should you choose. The reason for picking one over the other doesn’t matter. But it’s crucial to know how one tool fare with another.


This tool is used for category search. Its main objective is to enable authors to get a better understanding of the categories they write in.

Also, it offers relevant statistics like rankings, number of reviews, sales and the market size.

Kindle Samurai

This tool is used for keyword research. Many don’t recommend it, but its used for researching your competition. The results aren’t attractive since it looks like an Excel spreadsheet.

You will also need to install Bootcamp if you are using a Mac computer. Its only applicable for Windows OS.


Starting a writing career, there are a lot on the plate. You are faced with challenges of writing a compelling book and facing a competitive market. You will also need to choose the right categories, keywords, and optimizing the book listing.

There is also a challenge of launching the book in the perfect way, getting good reviews and marketing it. Once you have done all done, writing your book becomes easier.

Nevertheless, KDP Rocket offers the opportunity to simplify the research process, get great ideas and learn what you need to do to rank higher. Without such a tool, you will be writing and operating on guesswork which might never get you where you wanted to be.

Get KDP Rocket today and start selling more books!


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