Since Facebook introduced a new algorithm on how news feeds are shown to the users, people have seen low reach. Facebook has given less priority to a post made by businesses. That’s means that very few people will see any content posted by a business. Facebook wants you to pay for promotion to boost your reach.

Perhaps you have been wondering why nobody doesn’t see your book links anymore. Well, Facebook is not here to make Amazon richer. They are focused on their profits. So why should they allow a significant reach for a product that:

•    Brings a lot of free traffic to Amazon

•    Makes money to a third party

That is why Facebook introduced a new algorithm that will make commercial links be limited to low reach.

What is your response? Think about it. Facebook uses business logic. Perhaps it’s time you start doing the same.

Let’s take a 99 cents book. You are investing your time and money to drive direct traffic to your book listing on Amazon.  When you do that, two things happen here;

•    Amazon will grow organically since many people are linking back

•    Amazon takes 65% of the profits

After all the efforts an author makes intending to drive traffic to your book listing on Amazon, he/she will:

•    Pay for a Facebook advertisement

•    Get profits of only 35%

•    Spend a lot of time to do that done

Do you know what’s missing? An Author’s organic growth on social media and Google. Visits secured by an author belong to third-party platforms. The author gets nothing if visitors don’t become buyers. Amazon receives a visitor who is lurking on the website.

The reason why nobody sees your book links and social media posts that you share on social media networks is that social media promotion is a rigged game. Social media networks are full of people who might like what you are doing. Even if you decide to promote on social media, there is a catch.

Why Promoting on Facebook is a Hard Nut to Crack

If you usually share content with friends, then you might be in good shape. Every social media site want you to contribute to their environment. Doing that will keep other users on their environment.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook don’t come up with their content for us to consume. Instead, they have created an infrastructure that they will receive free content from us. That’s an incredibly smart move.

However, the desire to have people who visit you the site where you share photos or the desire to grow your audience will probably leave you frustrated. Some people on social media seem to have a large following, while others don’t. Why is that so? Success on social media is a very tricky business. It would take a significant amount of effort to create new content to post on social media daily. Even with a lot of tools that automatically post on your behalf, it would still be a lot of work.

Inevitably, all that work would benefit a social media site you use. That’s why I am saying that their only aim is to keep users on social media.

Nobody Sees Your Facebook Posts Because Your Followers Aren’t Your Followers

A few years ago, anyone who followed you on social media won’t miss all your posts. Then people started hearing about the new algorithm that Facebook introduced. They said that the changes were meant to show you the things that were most interesting to you. That’s true. However, it’s not honest.

Facebook only shows you the things that would probably keep you on the site. Since you are a contributor, they want you to post videos, photos, text, or anything else that users will like.

As long as you do that, they won’t mind anything. The only thing they don’t want you to do is to post content that will take a user away from the platform.

And that’s where the latest algorithm will come to play. When you post a graphic or photo, most of your followers will see it. However, when you post something with a link to a website, the social media algorithm will severely restrict the number of your followers who will see it. So when you post your new book to boost traffic to your book listing on Amazon, only a few people will see it.

Like I said before, social media sites don’t want your followers to leave their site. They will do that. After all, your followers on Facebook aren’t your followers. They belong to the Facebook platform.

Buying Ads on Social Media

When you post content on social media that contain links, most of your followers won’t be allowed to see it. However, you will likely see a note from the social media you use that tells you that you can boost the reach so that many people can see it by paying for an advertisement.

Here’s the deal. When you take visitors away from Facebook, it’s a potential revenue loss for the platform. Purchasing ads will offset that revenue loss.

Social media sites like Facebook exist to earn revenue. They can make billions of dollars from the digital advertisement.

When you look closerly at the posts on Facebook or any other social media network, you will notice that there is a word “sponsored” under the user’s name. Those are paid advertisements on Facebook because they need or want to reach you.

Some people say that sponsored post can help a business grow while others claim that it’s a waste of money. Perhaps they are both right since every situation is different.

If you are not buying ads, it’s not a surprise that no one sees your posts on social media. The Facebook algorithm gives preference to those who pay for their content to be seen. After all, it’s a business.

Where Do You Want to Engage Your Visitors?

If you want to have your followers and audience, there is only one place you can do that. You must have your website on your domain. An Author website will offer a lot of benefits since you will be making your own rules. When a visitor comment on your site, other visitors can benefit from the discussion.

Comments on various social media platforms don’t get shared with other social media. So that fantastic piece of advice that someone shared won’t reach through to everyone.

Like we discussed, the posts you share on Facebook would likely reach a few of your followers. Providing an email list means that you can share your content with those who have chosen to let you into their inbox any time you want. As long as you share useful, entertaining, or interesting content, they will get to see anything you have to share.

Social media is a great place to meet new people. With some luck, you can invite them to your home website to have a meaningful conversation. The chances are that they will be distracted by the funniest meme on Facebook.

So what is the right way to do this? Your website. Drive traffic to your website from where readers can reach marketplaces that host your books.

It’s not easy, but it’s doable. We “ll help!

What do you own? Amazon can remove your book anytime. Facebook can delete your page anytime. Why not making investments into properties you can control? And then play it nice with everyone.


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